5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Nursing Shoes

Nurses spend a considerable amount of time on their feet so they require comfortable shoes that can withstand all the hard work. When you do find that pair that gives you everything you need (protection, lightweight, durability etc.), it is important to hold on to them and not let go. Here are Five tips to help you make those favorite shoes last longer.


  1. Stinky shoes?

Nurses spend all their shift in their shoes, naturally, moisture begins to build up. When the shoes stay continually damp from sweat, there is a tendency for them to stink. The odor is caused by bacteria build-up and can be very unpleasant and embarrassing. To prevent this, air out your shoes whenever your shift is over, remove the insoles and let fresh air dry them out. Baking soda helps to soak up the smell so you might want to sprinkle some underneath the insoles. Also, make sure to always wear socks with your shoes. Get an extra pair of insoles and switch them regularly. DO NOT apply fragrance or perfume on your shoes to stop the smelling, this will only mask it for a while then the smell comes back with a vengeance.

  1. Wash

Washing your nursing shoes regularly is another way of prolonging the life span. It is not advisable to leave them dirty over a long time, stains might become permanent and this doesn’t look good. Nursing shoes are made of materials ranging from leather, rubber and canvas. Most nurses prefer to throw their shoes in the washer with bleach and detergent, double rinse and then air dry. This will do the job but it is always better to hand-wash these shoes. For leather shoes, wiping off the stains with a damp cloth is ideal. The inside of the shoes need to be cleaned also, once in a while, on a not-so-busy day, take some time to wash the inside of your shoes and let them dry properly.

  1. Storage

The way you keep your shoes when not in use goes a long way in preserving it. Ensure your nursing shoes are not packed in your cramped closet. Keep them in an open space with lots of air, away from direct sunlight.

  1. Inspect them

Inspect your shoes regularly for signs of wear and tear. A stitch in time saves nine after all. Visit the cobbler for minor fixes before they become major. Check the sole of your shoe regularly, objects might get stuck in them and this damages the sole.

  1. Replacement

Replacing your nursing shoes, usually between 3-6 months will ensure that you have a pair to fall back on when your current pair suddenly begins to act up. It is also good to alternate between two pairs so that too much pressure will not be placed on a particular pair, thereby making both last longer.


Getting the perfect shoe can be a burden and these shoes don’t come cheap. Take good care of them so that they will in turn take good care of your feet!

What is a pomade?

What is pomade???? Well, let’s make it real simple. There should be two features remaining at least  that pomade should have. No.1 a pomade should have a certain amount of shine and no.2 have the ability to slick your hair to make it really neat and tight.

We are going to talk about two categories of pomade to cover about their features-

  1. Oil based pomade
  2. water-based pomade

Let’s break each one of them down and at the end of this article you will get to know the good amount of pomade.

Okay, so let’s start with oil-based pomade – oil based pomade contains the main ingredient in it is the petroleum. Let’s know about the advantages and the disadvantages of oil based pomades-


The first of advantages of oil based pomades are they are super slick and some of the slickest pomades are out there are oil based. And they are also the strongest holding pomades. They can range from a light weight to a super heavy and in the pomade world heavy hold is the same as the strong hold. And in addition they are also very easy to restyle that means they don’t harden up in your hair if something goes out of place you can get a comb or get a brush and fix that up to put it right back like easy peasy lemon squeezing. So, these are the some advantages of oil based pomades

For disadvantages it’s extremely to wash oil-based pomade out of your hair because petroleum is not water soluble which means you can expect three to four different shower to wash it out completely. However some people doesn’t like that to wash out so easily so, this fact can be considered as advantage to some people. Because hard core pomade users like build up and by using oil-based pomade you can do it very easily. And in addition if you have sensitive skin oil-based pomade can be responsible to acne breakout or when you sleep at night you will get it on pillow and pillow rubs on your face so, it can activate acne break out.

Next up we have water based pomade. Okay water-based pomades are usually glorified gels. Advantages of water-based pomades are unlike the oil-based pomades. The big advantage of water-based pomades are these can be easily washed out very very very easily with one wash. You can go to bed with clean hair every night if you want to do so. And they keep your hair lock into the position and keep your hair same place all day long.

For disadvantages the hardening factor of water based pomades comes first.

Okay so the biggest difference of oil-based and water-based pomades are oil-based pomades are very hard to wash out of your hair and it’s restyle able and for water based it’s really easy to wash it out of your hair but it’s not very restyle able.


Beginners guide to using cordless impact wrench

In case you’ve ever experienced looking to loosen a tremendous, fretted or corroded fixing, then you definitely respect what I’m about to say. Most commonly working in tight spaces or at awkward angles, nuts and bolts will also be particularly intricate and time consuming to fit or take away. Skinned knuckles, broken instruments and jobs taking hours longer than you’d planned, all contribute to the frustration that nuts and bolts bring on a day-to-day to people around the world. Even experienced people who are used to using wrenches, comparable to fitters and mechanics, will experience these issues on an average basis.


The answer? Well, there are a number of factors to remember, however the important is the drive you practice to the fixing. Without enough drive, the fixing will either be underneath tightened (below torqued) or simply undone. Secondly, the time taken to fit or take away a fixing may also be too if it is in a difficult to reach role. In a similar way, the time taken up by way of repetitive jobs, like disposing of and refitting auto wheels, can particularly add up over the course of a day and consume into your revenue margin.

Making use of an impact wrench solves both these problems. It’s equipped for providing so much higher force than which you could apply with the aid of hand, and it widely accelerates the tightening and loosening of fixings, peculiarly these that are rough to arrive.

What’s a cordless impact wrench and how does it work?

A cordless impact wrench is used to aid the tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts by way of lowering the effort required the person to put in and growing the speed at which fixings will also be tightened or loosened. There are a style of one-of-a-kind forms available on the market but all of them work in essentially the equal approach. Very nearly, they observe a rotational drive (or torque) briefly bursts (or impacts). They’re driven by means of a motor which is powered with the aid of air, electricity, or battery (mostly referred to as a “cordless impact wrench”).

What are people saying about the best water purifiers?

RO water purifier

The RO water purifier exactly caters the wishes of a family therefore there is no need to trouble in regards to the 4 litre purifier. As early as the water is taken out of filter, the filtration process starts to the pipeline in a little or no time. For each 10 litre of water used, it promises three litres of drinkable water and disposes the remaining 7 litre as waste water. It has 6-stage purification technology and evolved alert process concerning the maintenance. The high-quality of the water is simply identical as distilled and packaged drinking.

Now the big problem about the RO water filter is the quantity of water it wastes (around 2 litres is wasted for each 1 litre of RO water). But you should not let this water go to waste, you should gather this filter drained water and use it for watering your crops, washing flooring and for many other outdoor uses as well.

The RO water purifier is perfect for a family of three and it will serve you good. You will have we have dependency of filling water in bottle for drinking so with 6 bottles and 4 L potential tank you will in no way feel the need to get a bigger tank (additionally the dimensions of the filter is just ideal). This filter really works wonders for me.


UV water purifier                                                                                                                          

This product is very stylish and it works great from the first day you buy the water purifier online. But as normal, the filter replacement price will cost you some money. Seems like every 12 months you have to spend approx. $100 for filter replacement. And the other problem is that even if the tank is full and there is no electrical power, this product will not dispense any water. Therefore when you don’t have power backup and there are power cuts in your area, you should not buy this product because it won’t work effectively.

Gravity based water purifier

The water that is produced by this water filter is always tastes great even if its tap water. But you should be careful that when you are using a 4 litre filter to change the membrane so that the water can filter properly. The 4 litre is enough for only 2 people and the capability of the tank is very less which makes the filter very slow.

Although this is water filter is great, it can be disappointing at times because even after filtering the water, the bad taste of the water still remains which is a turn off. So if you are looking for a filter that will change the taste of the water, this is not the product to go for.