What is a pomade?

What is pomade???? Well, let’s make it real simple. There should be two features remaining at least  that pomade should have. No.1 a pomade should have a certain amount of shine and no.2 have the ability to slick your hair to make it really neat and tight.

We are going to talk about two categories of pomade to cover about their features-

  1. Oil based pomade
  2. water-based pomade

Let’s break each one of them down and at the end of this article you will get to know the good amount of pomade.

Okay, so let’s start with oil-based pomade – oil based pomade contains the main ingredient in it is the petroleum. Let’s know about the advantages and the disadvantages of oil based pomades-


The first of advantages of oil based pomades are they are super slick and some of the slickest pomades are out there are oil based. And they are also the strongest holding pomades. They can range from a light weight to a super heavy and in the pomade world heavy hold is the same as the strong hold. And in addition they are also very easy to restyle that means they don’t harden up in your hair if something goes out of place you can get a comb or get a brush and fix that up to put it right back like easy peasy lemon squeezing. So, these are the some advantages of oil based pomades

For disadvantages it’s extremely to wash oil-based pomade out of your hair because petroleum is not water soluble which means you can expect three to four different shower to wash it out completely. However some people doesn’t like that to wash out so easily so, this fact can be considered as advantage to some people. Because hard core pomade users like build up and by using oil-based pomade you can do it very easily. And in addition if you have sensitive skin oil-based pomade can be responsible to acne breakout or when you sleep at night you will get it on pillow and pillow rubs on your face so, it can activate acne break out.

Next up we have water based pomade. Okay water-based pomades are usually glorified gels. Advantages of water-based pomades are unlike the oil-based pomades. The big advantage of water-based pomades are these can be easily washed out very very very easily with one wash. You can go to bed with clean hair every night if you want to do so. And they keep your hair lock into the position and keep your hair same place all day long.

For disadvantages the hardening factor of water based pomades comes first.

Okay so the biggest difference of oil-based and water-based pomades are oil-based pomades are very hard to wash out of your hair and it’s restyle able and for water based it’s really easy to wash it out of your hair but it’s not very restyle able.